Event Lighting Ideas for All Budgets

When producing an event, lighting is key, it can make or break your guests' experience. The correct lighting can bring your event to life and help create the desired ambience. 

There are many ways lighting can be used. From displaying video content using LED panels, to highlighting artwork, telling stories or changing the face of a building! Knowing some key techniques will allow you to take your event to the next level and leave a lasting impression!


Uplighters are ground-based, with the lighting purposefully directed upwards creating a dynamic effect for use indoors or outdoors. The modern version is now battery powered without the worry of unsightly cables. 

Uplighters are a great choice for creating ambience, lighting features such as artwork and venue architecture, and adding colour combinations to dark spaces to enhance the room design and guest experience.


GOBO Lighting 

Introducing GOBO lighting creates an unmissable branding opportunity for your logo, theme or brand idea. A GOBO is basically a chosen design as a stencil placed inside or in front of a light source. Images, patterns or abstract shapes can be beamed onto walls, ceilings, floors or the back of the stage as a static or moving image to create a dynamic lighting show. 

GOBO lighting is a cost-effective solution as a staging backdrop, to transform a pre-dinner drinks area or to project a welcome message or logo.


Intelligent lighting 

Intelligent lighting is automated and often referred to as moving lights or moving heads and is normally pre-programmed to change the mood and atmosphere throughout an event as per the demands of a script. Larger shows require an intelligent lighting rig and it is always advisable to connect early with your lighting engineer to plot the desired lighting sequences.

Live Social Media Wall  

Projection Mapping 

Projection Mapping is popular for product launches and to wow an audience. This amazing technology projects objects onto a flat surface turning them into an interactive 3D display. 

Projection Mapping is often used on sides of buildings, or to help create an interactive experience. An enormous amount of time planning the design is critical to working with this type of technology, which will take your event to the next level, however, it does not come cheap and requires a healthy budget.



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