Outdoor Events, are you covered?

Top of any event organisers list when planning an outdoor event is sourcing an experienced technical event production company and securing “Plan B” to cover adverse weather conditions. Once you have a water-tight plan in place and the key staging and safety elements covered, the balance of the event planning should be relatively straight forward. 

At MSP we have had to adapt to many outdoor challenges, and due to popular demand, we have recently invested in a Mobile Stage to service events requiring an all-weather solution. 

Our 4x4 powered trailer stage offers a 48m2 performance area, truss bars for flying sound, lighting and branding and can be set-up under an hour, making it a cost-effective solution for use in any location in-particular smaller outdoor event spaces.




 4 top tips from the MSP team when planning your next event. 



Ensure the location is suitable for your chosen event. Work with the site management team to understand the logistics of the site from access and noise levels to proximity of public transport systems. Consider permits required and ensure these are applied for and approved prior to marketing your event. 



Design a site map and plot where all the key elements will be placed from the ticket office, main stage and generators, to the car park, hired vendors and the first aid point. Give special attention to security, directional signage, smoking areas and adequate sanitation facilities. 



Check if your event can be moved inside, if not, you may need to budget for portable marquees and pavilions to be installed to offer a welcomed shelter. 

Keeping guests happy and comfortable is key to a successful event, and when the rain falls provision of rain jackets, umbrellas, hot food and drinks would enable all guests to continue to enjoy the outdoor experience. 

For added peace of mind cross check your venue contract covering cancellation and damages, and look to take out event insurance so that you are fully covered. 



A Health & Safety officer is crucial when working on larger events as risk assessments and method statements will be required from all vendors accessing the site.




Be prepared, cater for all eventualities and your event will be a huge success!


“Thank you for your outstanding planning, organisation and creative vision, which meant we were able to produce another memorable Proms in the Park event. The sound and staging were impressive as ever, and the fireworks display was awesome!

Proms in the Park Committee, St Mary’s College Crosby


Let the fun begin!  For more information on our staging services contact the MSP Events Team on



With over 35 years on the international platform delivering corporate events, MSP continue to pave the way as a reputable and innovative event production company.

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