The Reality of Attending a Virtual Event

This week I attended my first virtual event and I loved it.  


Normally award evenings leave me in a state of panic. There’s so much to consider; clothes, hair nails, shoes, not to mention the expense. Inevitably I’ll spend too much money on something that will never be worn again, as all the other LBD’s hanging in my wardrobe can testify. I go into the hairdresser optimistically thinking I’ll come out channelling my inner Sandra Bullock, but exit two hours later and £60 lighter looking like a poor imitation of Lily Savage.  Then there’s the question of trying to figure out how I’ll be able to eat and drink with the tummy tucking Spanx making it quite hard to even breathe normally.


On the evening itself I have to remember to rein in the wine consumption to avoid any confusion over the late-night kebab and my sequinned clutch bag, which actually happened to a friend of mine who woke up to find her credit card, lipstick and phone jammed into the leftovers of a chilli doner!


And don’t get me started on the logistical matter of transport, sorting out taxis there and back and sharing fares with your mates etc.  


But a virtual event takes away all that stress. I simply sat down, logged in and had the event broadcast into my lounge.  The stage looked amazing; lighting, music, backdrops were exactly as they would have been in the venue, the presenters were slick and had live feeds to the award nominees.  Videos popped up on giant screens as seamless segues took me from one category to the next.  I found myself clapping and cheering as the winners were announced, I may have been an audience of one but I was part of a much bigger collective.


At the end of the evening, all I had to do was close the lid on the laptop and the only route to navigate was from the sofa to the bedroom.



I can’t wait for the next one, because let’s be honest there’s not many awards events you can attend in yoga pants, vest top and slippers whilst drinking tea and dunking biscuits!


If you haven’t attended one, get yourself on an invite list and if you’re holding back on hosting an event don’t – get in touch with our Events Team to find out how our facilities can help you work with the new normal to boost your staff and community engagement.


Let the fun begin! For more information on our Virtual Events contact the MSP Events Team on or call 0344 811 0901



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